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Are you looking for an opportunity to work with one of America’s top 100 most trusted Companies while also increasing your income from the comfort of your home?   Then why not join Lionbridge as a part-time Independent Contractor. We are currently recruiting for the role of Personalized Internet Ads Assessor in Hong Kong.
What does the work involve?
In this role you will be reviewing online advertisements in order to improve their content, quality and layout. You will be required to provide feedback and analysis on advertisements found in search engine results and provide ratings on their relevance to the search terms used. Another aspect of this role will involve reviewing the language used in advertisements by examining grammar, tone and cultural relevance. 
Through this work you will be making a valuable contribution to the quality of online advertisements in Hong Kong.
Who is suitable for this work?
We are looking for dynamic people who have strong communication skills and use the Internet daily. You should also be flexible, reliable and have the ability to interpret and follow established guidelines.
You will need to have the flexibility and freedom to work from your own home, working your own hours. Hours for this role are up to 20 hours per week depending on task availability.
What are the main requirements for the role?
•                     You must be living in Hong Kong for the last 3 consecutive years
•                     You must have familiarity with current and historical business, media, sport, news, social media and cultural affairs in Hong Kong
•                     Fluency in English and Chinese_Traditional
•                     Access to and use of a broadband internet connection and associated computer and software to perform the work, all provided at your own expense
•                     Experience in use of web browsers to navigate and interact with a variety of content
•                     Access to and use of an Android (version 4.1 or higher) or IOS Smartphone (version 8 or higher) to complete tasks
•                     A Barcode Scanner application must be installed on your smartphone to complete certain tasks
•                     Active daily user of Gmail and other forms of Social Media
What’s next?
Don’t Delay! Contact Lionbridge using the English language through clicking here :
  And a member of our recruitment team will review your application.

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